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This site is designed to offer information about the activities of our organization and other organizations around Lake Springfield. SLSIA exists to further the education, civic and social interests of leaseholders in the area of Lake Springfield in Sangamon County. The objectives of this association shall be:

To promote the preservation and beautification of Lake Springfield and its marginal lands.
To promote safety in the use and enjoyment of Lake Springfield.
To represent the common interest of lease holders at Lake Springfield.

SLSIA Dinner on the Waterfront at Island Bay Yacht Club
Saturday, September 19 @ 5PM

Mark your calendars and save the date for the annual SLSIA Dinner On The Waterfront at Island Bay Yacht Club on Saturday, September 19th starting at 5pm with cocktails lakeside! Come join fellow SLSIA members for an Adult Only evening of bountiful food, drinks, live band & dancing!

Cocktails at 5:00pm
Lakeside Dinner Buffet 6:00-7:30pm
Live Music provided by Out of the Woods 6:30-10:30pm

Cost: $35 per person which includes a gourmet dinner buffet prepared by Island Bay's chefs, a drink coupon & live entertainment.
Cash Bar
Casual Attire
Limited Seating is Available. Paid SLSIA Members Only.

If you are not a member yet, it is not too late to join! Just go to the SLSIA website: www.lakespringfield.org to complete your application online. Sorry, but we will not be able to accommodate meal reservations at the door, nor will we be able to offer refunds for no-shows or cancellations.

Support the Central Illinois Food Bank! That evening we will be collecting donations of non-perishable food items for the Central IL Food Bank.

Email Valerie Nester at valerienester@yahoo.com to RSVP by September 16!

Letter from the Lakeshore Association President

Dear Leaseholders and Lake Friends,

Some of you could not attend the August 19th SLSIA board meeting. At the meeting I read notes from the recent meeting with the Mayor and many others regarding current leaseholder issues and have included it below.

Garrett Deakin recently sent me an email regarding details of what the lease reassessment would mean to him and another leaseholder. It is also included below.

We now have an opportunity to meet with the Major’s office and CWLP with strategic committee meetings and I am seeking members to be part of this committee. Please notify me if you feel you would be a valuable asset. I have added an extra SLSIA Board meeting to be held Sept 23 at 6pm for the membership to attend and voice their opinions. Thank you!

See you on the water,
Lin Vautrain, President

SLSIA/CWLP/Mayor Meeting Notes
August 13, 2015

Those attending the meeting were Lin Vautrain, SLSIA President, Aaron Evans, SLSIA Vice President, Garrett Deakin, SLSIA Past President, Alderman Chuck Redpath, Mayor Jim Langfelder, Corporation Counsel Jim Zerkle, Deputy Mayor Bonnie Drew, Doug Brown, Chief Utility Engineer, Ted Meckes, Water Division Manager, Steve Frank, CWLP Supervisor, and Tracy Johanssen, Projects Manager II, Office of Public Utilities.

Communication Issue: Everyone was in agreement that communication between SLSIA and the City/CWLP should be improved, and everyone was willing to work on this. We shared how we communicate with lake leaseholders and discussed opportunities for the City/CWLP to participate in that communication. Steve Frank will continue attending SLSIA board meetings. The new Deputy Mayor, Bonnie Drew recommended SLSIA link the city website to our website. SLSIA may contact Mrs. Drew to schedule strategic committee meetings with Mayor Langfelder.

Lake Lease Issues: The Mayor stated they need to "rehash" the lease issue after hearing how the quadrennial reassessments, as many as 5 in 20 years, could impact the existing lease formula. CWLP indicated that they would work out an acceptable lease formula at a subsequent meeting. No one at the meeting knew or would offer an explanation as to why leases after 2007 cite to a September 4, 2017 rate renegotiation date. CWLP indicated that they would be changing the new lease form that is currently in use, but did not offer a timetable or the scope of the changes. We will need to follow up on this issue.

CWLP’s proposed removal of the 100-foot prohibition against public fishing/swimming along residential shorelines was discussed. CWLP stated that the lake is public and therefore no restrictions can be placed on the lake use. This is factually inaccurate, as acknowledged by the Corporation Counsel. CWLP may draw reasonable boundaries for navigation and may restrict fishing and other uses. CWLP next stated that fishing cannot be restricted because it violates the state law which says that fishing must be open to the public for lakes stocked by IDNR. Corporation Counsel pointed out, however, that IDNR is subject to Springfield home rule and cannot override the City ordinance.

Mayor Langfelder agreed that a buffer is needed to be able to exclude the public from in and around leaseholders’ property and opined that a 35-foot restriction (being the same as the permitted dock length) would be reasonable. CWLP did not argue that suggestion.

Lake Safety: The decrease in staffing for the police and security around the lake was discussed. The Mayor’s office is going to look into the crime statistics in the area to see if there is any indication that the decreased police presence has had an adverse impact. Continued work on the SLSIA neighborhood watch program and involvement with lake police was encouraged.

Home Values: Nightly rentals on the lake were discussed. CWLP indicated that leases were drafted in a manner that does not effectively allow them to screen nightly rentals (some more so than others). Zoning does not address this issue either. A new ordinance will be discussed August 18 that would require leases under 6 months in duration to be approved by the Mayor’s office. Some were concerned that this may lead to a rubber stamp procedure for nightly rentals. Guidelines need to be established and followed.

Any complaints of unkempt lots by absentee owners should be reported to the City, and the City will send an inspector.

Preventing the obstruction of view by new construction and remodeling were discussed. CWLP indicated that this is addressed in the 2014 land use plan. Some expressed concern that the required set-backs in the land use plan were too rigid and that obstruction of view could still occur due to the irregularity of lots. CWLP emphasized the need for objective standards in evaluating setbacks.

Neighbors do not receive notice of new construction unless a variance has been requested. CWLP indicated that very few variances have been requested. They said very few boat houses have been built recently. Many landowners are opting for open air covered docks instead.

Lake Maintenance: CWLP indicated that they would be open to cost sharing for dredging but that no one has inquired. Leaseholders in critical coves will likely need to submit a proposal to CWLP.

CWLP acknowledged that it declined to cost share dredging for the Yacht Club, but it will help build some culverts to prevent sedimentation. CWLP reported that it has been actively repairing culverts and collecting brush. CWLP did not offer any explanation as to why large piles of brush left by Nelson (under CWLP contract) were not picked up for several months. CWLP will report on water depth and shoreline erosion at the annual meeting.

Notes Submitted To Board 8/19/15 by Lin Vautrain, Aaron Evans, and Garrett Deakin

Thank you Alderman Redpath and SLSIA President Lin Vautrain for setting up the recent meeting with the mayor to discuss lake issues. We homeowners used to have these meetings frequently with CWLP and the mayor, and they pay dividends for communication, cooperation and understanding of CWLP and home owner issues. A key issue we discussed was changing our 99 year lake leases to include new language permitting "the City to reopen or renegotiate the lease rate every ten (10) years". When the last lease formula was revised by the Springfield city council 8 years ago, it was a straight 99 year lease. There was no discussion or mention of opening up our leases. Yet, the contract that was handed to the homeowner renegotiating their lease at that time contained a paragraph stating that the rent formula shall be subject to recalculation on September 4, 2017. Apparently, home owners did not read that contract or thought the 2017 date was a misspent (2107). Whatever happened, under the new provisions, renegotiated leases will be recalculated in two years and open to lease rate changes every 10 years. This new language change could have a huge financial impact on every leaseholder on the lake. Let me tell you my concerns. The rent formula to be used in 2017 and every 10 years thereafter is based on the existing formula. If our existing formula, which is based upon land assessments, is still in place, quadrennial reassessments and township multipliers will make our assessments to skyrocket. It is possible to have 3 quadrennial assessments in 10 years and 5 or 6 in 20 years. CWLP acknowledged this is a factor.

2005 was the base year for the existing rent formula & here are two examples of this skyrocketing impact:
13 Cottage Grove:  2005 land assessment $21,361, 2014 land assessment $34,131, Change $12,770 OR 60%
40 Bay Ridge:  2005 land assessment $48,326, 2014 land assessment $84,134, Change $35,808 OR 74%

It is still two years until September 4, 2017, and this year, 2015, is a quadrennial assessment year. Those notices will be out in another month or two.

If you now have a thousand dollar lease, it could be 60 - 75% greater in 2017, or even more. Leases are once again heading to be big bucks, perhaps approaching property tax levels. Additionally, my concern is for selling our homes. Buyers may be turned off by paying both high property taxes and skyrocketing leases.

Recommendation: In our meeting with the mayor, he stated that on this issue that they need to "hash it out". I recommend SLSIA appoint a committee to start looking at alternatives to the existing formula, work with the mayor on this and hash out a fair lease formula. 60% to 74% lease increases every 10 years will kill home sales.

Lake Springfield Photography Contest
The photo contest is open to all SLSIA members!
Submit your favorite photo of Lake Springfield that captures
"What is Good About Living on Lake Springfield"
Email your entry to newsletter@lakespringfield.org, to be published in the monthly newsletter.
Top submissions will be determined by a committee, and finalists will be displayed for voting at the BBQ and Potluck at the Beach House!

2015 Mayor-Elect Responds to Lake Concerns
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2015 Ward 1 Alderman-Elect Responds to Lake Concerns
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Lake Maintenance and Watershed Information
The recent committee meeting had a great showing of support for the health of our Lake, with over 80 members in attendance.  Below are some items for your education and review, regarding the maintenance and dredging of the Lake.

-- MEETING AGENDA 4/21/2015 --
-- LAKE & WATERSHED MANAGEMENT by Jeff Boeckler --

-- DREDGING ARTICLE by Peter Berrini --

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